5 replies to “Unmasked

  1. Dwayne ,
    The ‘Shot’ is massively good. I hope you know that. We are living with “those that won’t”, which makes our lives in danger, for much longer than it need be. You captured the desperation in all of our lives. The desperation of those that got the virus. I was one of the first( march/2020, followed in september by major heart surgery), so I know what desperation feels like. Difficult to capture in any medium, but you did. Pretty fuckin awesome.


  2. We’re can you go without the mask fit😷
    When is the next stop or should the mask play the fit 🧐
    Am still waiting for the unmask draw on face, so when the world see me I can just bet on it😎
    But just maybe I can forget the un doing of the unmask identity to fit and found my foundation as a person to Walk the street s with a perfect smile 😁
    Just maybe unmask might be the last thing on my mind 🤔

    🧭Witch directions should I walk to up or down maybe both if unmask is the last thing on my mind 😤😴

  3. Hi Dwayne, Just a drop in to say hello and that it is always uplifting to see your art and hear your music. Keep on keepin’ on! Overall good here.

  4. Another feed, Another countless sleep walking unmasked cat and dogs but the hollow of the joy in between the eyes of a serious jaw under a mask or not can put anybody in to another feed, Another countless sleep walking unmasked cat and dog…..

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